Whole Strip Loin

Whole Strip Loin

Perfect for cutting NY Strips to your preferred thickness


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Avg. 7 lb.

This Whole Strip Loin is Yummy cooked Whole and then sliced... Or you can thaw it in your fridge cut steaks up to the thickness you like, then freeze back in packs you will end up cooking them or you can throw them directly on the grill

Pictures shown are to show front and back of the cuts for marbling and textures - not necessarily items purchasing, see unit description for details


The strip steak—also known as a New York strip—is cut from the short loin. It has less fat than a ribeye but more flavor than a tenderloin and is almost always sold as a boneless steak.

How to Cook It: Prepare a strip steak the same way you would a ribeye: seasoned with salt or a dry rub, and cooked over dry heat like in this cast-iron skillet steak recipe. These steaks taste best in the medium-rare to medium range. Learn how to cook a medium-rare steak.