Why Buy from Honestly Beef

Halal/Kosher Style Processing It is slaughtered halal/kosher style - nothing is added to meat at time of processing - just pure meat - so our ground beef is a ‘True’ 80/20 ... So a grocery store ground beef package; 14% of that package is something else “other” than ground beef ~preservatives ~ red dyes~ saline solution ~ so that’s why when you patty up a burger cook it, it shrinks down, that’s all of those “other” stuff cooking out! So with all that being said ours is just our beef - nothing added - so it doesn’t shrink down and to me it’s more like a ‘grocery’ store 90/10

Grass-Fed? Breeds we Raise?  Angus and Charolais are the breeds we raise. The cattle that we provide are Grass-Fed and Grain-Finished, and spend their entire life free-ranging pastures. These animals are not given antibiotics; it is unnecessary because the animals are never crowded in their pastures. Our animals are also not given growth hormones. Without the growth hormones our free-range cattle need to be around 24 months old before they mature to the point they are ready for harvest. Once harvested, each beef side is dry-aged to perfection (usually 7 to 10 days), and is Federally USDA inspected. Then, each beef side is hand-cut and trimmed into the delicious steaks and beef products that we offer our customers. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the farm & the dinner table, allowing our consumers access to locally raised beef they can feel good about feeding to their family! Our cattle are harvested on our own fresh grass in native pasture. We occasionally provide supplemental hay/grain, to insure a natural and healthy diet. We use humane methods to herd our cattle frequently, and holistically maintain our grasslands that also feed local and migrating wildlife. We are not certified organic, but raise grass-fed, grain-finished, hormone- and antibiotic-free meat. Due to seasonal conditions, we will finish our cattle off on grain; this is only necessary during times of the year when grass is in short supply. Our tender and delicious beef is lean and nutritious, providing known health benefits that only grass-fed animals can produce.  

What we Feed, when we do...

We mix our own feed - we don’t buy bagged feed that is certified non-GMO

We buy products that are “fresh“ and local as possible so they have no preservatives on them for example : Peanut skins from an M&M factory, Cotton seed out of the Delta, orange peelings from an orange juice factory out of Florida, roasted coffee beans from the Folgers plant out of New Orleans, brewers mash from Abita Springs beer factory. We may feed corn certain times of the year when products are not available but it is not in our area (comes from way out west) so usually not much... we mix the feed from these items that expire/ go bad because that bagged food you would buy from a feed store for example has something on it to give it the ability to be in storage/ at the warehouse storage facility for a long time and not go bad

It is Fresh Frozen...I don’t thaw it once like the USDA allows and can be sold as Fresh meat for up to 21 days - I keep it frozen from transport- so you can thaw in the fridge not on counter and re- pack or do like grocery store do because I haven’t thawed it - thaw in fridge sealed , open use what you need - cookie clap on pack for the 21 days - then use, freeze or cook what’s left at 21 days- usually 5 lbs will get used up way before that- also this is way fresher - the frozen meat in stores can be stored for 1 year frozen then sent to a store to be thawed and sold as fresh meat for 21 day thing -

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