Steak - Flank

Steak - Flank

1 steak per package

Perfect for fajita night at your house... Very tender if cut thin strips against the grain and not overcooked

Pictures shown are to show front and back of the cuts for marbling and textures - not necessarily items purchasing, see unit description for details


Flank steak is similar to skirt, but it has a few characteristic differences. It comes from the belly, but the flank section is further back towards the beef’s rear. It’s thicker and wider than the skirt, and it cooks up slightly more tender.

How to Cook It: Like skirt steak, it’s best to use a flavorful marinade (for example, the marinade in this grilled tender flank steak has soy sauce, lemon juice, honey and garlic) and cook flank steak over high heat. It can become tough when cooked over medium, and we think it tastes best at medium-rare. For the best eating experience, thinly slice flank steak against the grain. Work more flank steak recipes into your weekly meal plan!