Steak - Hanger

Steak - Hanger

1 steak per pack

Pictures shown are to show front and back of the cuts for marbling and textures - not necessarily items purchasing, see unit description for details


Hanger steak is one of the best cuts of beef you didn’t know you could ask for. It’s relatively inexpensive and has a super beef-forward flavor. It comes from the plate or belly section of the cow, but it’s not connected to any bones. (It hangs from the diaphragm, hence the nickname “hanging” steak.) Rember to remove the thick, inedible membrane that runs down its center.

How to Cook It: Like skirt or flank steaks, hangers benefit from a marinade with a strong acidic component. Cook it over high heat and be sure to cut against the grain before serving. You can cook hanger to medium-rare, but we think it tastes best at medium temperatures.