Cow - 1/4 Side of Beef

Cow - 1/4 Side of Beef

$200 Deposit taken to place order... Call Jaclyn at 601.299.4202 for more details

What to Expect on Items you will receive...

80/20 Ground Beef and Stew Meat and Patties 40 lbs

Ribeye and NY Strip 13 lbs

Filet and Petite Medallion 5 lbs

Top Sirloin, Sirloin Flap, and Skirt 21 lbs

Flank and Flat Iron Steak 6 lbs

Brisket and Ribs 15 lbs

Roast 20 lbs

Bones and Liver and Fat 10 lbs

Total of atleast 130lbs of meat!!

These are estimates based on cows sizes we usually send... IT WILL VARY!! The above items and amounts you will get, but if that cow was bigger you will you get more of each item.The items are packaged the same as I sell them individually... So check out each items for details on how they are packaged 

This will take 2-3 weeks once deposit is taken.  At check out you will be ask for payment but your card will only be charged the deposit amount today and the balance will be charged when your you beef comes in!

This item is already at a Wholesale Price so other Sales, Promotions, or discounts will not apply.