Steak - London Broil

Steak - London Broil

1 steak per package
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These are cut 1 inch to 1 1/4 inch thick. A lean option since this steak is cut from the top round.

Pictures shown are to show front and back of the cuts for marbling and textures - not necessarily items purchasing, see unit description for details

London Broil

Technically, London broil is a cooking method, not a cut of beef, but many grocery stores sell steaks by this name. It’s a top round steak cut from the hindquarters of the beef.

How to Cook It: It’s best to marinate these steaks with an acidic ingredient to help break down the tough muscle fibers. Then, flash-sear them in a hot pan or on the grill. Overcooked London broil can be tough and chewy, so we recommend keeping the steak in the medium-rare to medium range. Then, cut the steak against the grain after resting. These steaks are also a great choice for homemade beef jerky.